Regulations of Gardenia Hotels, Enugu

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Regulations of Gardenia Hotels, Enugu

Gardenia Nigeria limited

Gardenia hotel, ENUGU

Main: 13/15 Igboeze Str. Ind. Layout, Enugu. Phone: 08094448545, 09082741908

Branch: 130 Ogui Road, Enugu. Phone: 08093233640, 09092566584,




Other Names_______________________________________________________________________________________

Occupation____________________________ Office Address__________________________________


Phone number_____________________________________________Nationality__________________

Residential Address____________________________________________________________________

Passport Number___________________________ Vehicle Number____________________________

Date of arrival______________________________ Time of Arrival_____________________________

Date of Departure___________________________ Room (s)__________________________________


·      The Hotel cannot be held responsible for valuables left in the rooms. Safe deposit boxes are available at the front desk.

·      Guests are not allowed to stay more than two adults in a room.

·      A hotel day starts at 12:00 noon of the day of arrival and ends at 12:00noon of the following day. Failure to check out before 12:00noon will result in additional fee of 50% of the actual rate of the room.

·      Failure to check out before 2:30pm amounts to 100% of the room’s actual rate (additional hotel day).

·      Check-in time is any time after 2pm (not guaranteed due to volume of occupancy). If you arrive earlier, the receptionist will be pleased to store your luggage until your room is ready.

·      Guest will be required to present his/her own valid form of identification.


·      For prepaid reservation, you must pay in advance either by valid credit card, by cash or by transfer.

·      Please note; if the payment is done with a credit card belonging to another person who won’t be present at the hotel, we will need a written authorization by the credit card holder with a copy of his credit card and a copy of his/her official ID (driver’s license, International passport or National ID) before check-in of the third party. The hotel reserves all rights to refuse access of the room to any guest(s) who are not able to meet up with the aforementioned requirements.  For non-prepaid reservations, please note that on arrival, you can also pay cash or by a credit card or via bank transfer.

·      Cheques are not accepted except permission to pay by cheque is obtained from the management

·      Full payment must be made before the room key(s) is given to you


·      All hotel rooms are subject to cancellation policy depending on the kind of rates/reservation you have chosen.

·      For a paid reservation, if you cancel before 12noon on the check-in day, you will get 50% refund by voucher.

·      If you cancel from 2pm (which is check-in time), no voucher refund will be made at all.

·      Reservation is confirmed only when it is backed up with payment.

·      For a reservation without payment, it is not binding on the hotel.

·      Cash payment reservation cannot be cancelled or changed and they are non-refundable.


·      No meeting, noise or disturbance to guests in other room of any sort is allowed within the Hotel premises.

SMOCKING/DRUGS: Smoking of INDIAN HERM/MARIJUANA of any type hard drug(s) in this hotel room(s) or premises is HIGHLY PROHIBITED.

·      This hotel shall be a home for tourists and for lodging only; Any act/form of fraud (419), brothel or prostitution in the room(s) or within the premises is HIGHLY PROHIBITED. Any guest caught in any of these acts shall be handed over to the Law Enforcement Agency for necessary legal action.

·      Bar/restaurant and car wash service must be paid for before service is rendered.

·      Slap, Beat, Embarrassment or Insult on any staff by guest shall not be tolerated.

·      Any defaulter shall be reported to the Law Enforcement Agency

·      The use of pressing iron, electric kettle or any high voltage appliance(s) is unacceptable.

·      Guests are not permitted to do laundry in the room.


Guest’s Signature/Date_____________________   

Receptionist’s Name/Signature/Date_______________________________



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